Thursday, May 01, 2008

Random Pictures from my Camera

Here are some random pictures from my camera.

*WARNING* A lot of these will be about my pets so if you don't like that crap then stop now.

Here we have a recent shot of Maggie. She's not running in fear (she hates cameras) because a little girl is taking the picture. We had a friend over with his two little girls for Easter and they were working my nerves so I let them play with the camera.

Here is P.J. in her new favorite spot. The first time she was here, we were freaking out because we couldn't find her and thought she'd finally escaped.

P.S. You can see the new wall color & crown molding in the kitchen in this shot. It hasn't been caulked yet but I will post pictures once it's 100% done.

This is our new quilt for summer. It's lighter than our comforter. And it's not too girly. If Mike didn't live with me I'd totally have something like this on my bed.

We have a neighbor two doors down named Paul who has two dogs, Bella, who looks exactly like Maggie except taller and skinnier and with floppy ears, and Bailey, a little ankle-biter dog who is actually very sweet but likes to poop on the sidewalk. They came over to play in our fenced yard the other day but they didn't play much, they just wanted to come inside.

And finally, I saw this driving to work one morning. I should probably receive some sort of citation for driving and taking a picture at the same time, but it was too good to not document.

***Please note that the license plate says "Choose Life" at the top. There's nothing quite like a pair of hot pink truck nuts that screams CULTURE OF LIFE, is there?


Kathy said...

Just found your blog while browsing...and I love the picture of the dog at the door. They really look like little kids coming over to play. Too cute.

Joan Erreca said...

Love the photos. great shot of Maggie. the truck accessories are hilarious! See you soon.