Monday, November 27, 2006

Well, we ended up not doing jack-o-lanterns. Sorry to disappoint anyone who was waiting to hear about that. :) What else has been going on...

Thanksgiving was good. We drove out to NC on Tuesday, arrived in Richlands around 7:30 p.m. then had to leave Friday morning at 6:30 a.m. so I could get back and cover a women's basketball tournament we were hosting here. The food was great, of course, and my mom sent tons of pie home with us. It wasn't the same Thanksgiving I'm used to, though: my aunt & uncle recently separated. They have been married 19 years - I was a flower girl in their wedding. So it was really strange not having him around, and my aunt is really struggling with all of it. On the bright side, she recently won a brand new truck from the United Way, which is really nice.

I'm going to Oregon this weekend with basketball. That should be fun. And when I say fun, I mean it's a really effing long trip for one game.

I found some wedding dresses that I really like, but I still want to try more on. I also found bridesmaid outfits that I like. I feel cheesy when I talk too much about this stuff, though, so I figure if anybody wants to know more details, they can just ask.

We are going to go after Christmas and have a cake tasting! I am really excited about this. FREE CAKE!

For the first time ever I am not spending Christmas with my family. Instead we are going out to CA to be with Mike's family. I'm excited about it but I get sad when I think about not getting to see everyone at home. Fortunately, we're going back to NC on Dec. 29th for my Grandma Catherine's 90th birthday party on the 30th so I'll get to see everyone then. Yep, she's 90 and still going strong, I hope I got those genes.

Uhhh... what else... the cats are still hilarious. McKenzie had a milestone the other morning when she came and laid down on my chest/stomach while I was in bed. That was the first time she'd ever done that. Of course it was 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning but she's so cute I didn't get mad. P.J. is still as crazy and bitchy and demanding as ever.

I have a new office mate at work. She is our new women's lacrosse coach. I never thought I'd get excited about lacrosse but she's really cool and now we finally have another couple to hang out with.

That's about it. Hopefully I'll have more to write about so it won't be so long between updates next time. My life is truly kind of boring, though.