Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm lame.

OMG I am lame. I haven't updated in so long.

The holidays were a whirlwind. Thanksgiving was great. We stayed here in Birmingham and Mike's Aunt Janis came here to visit us. I cooked a full meal, turkey, all the good stuff. It was great not having to deal with a bunch of family. We saved that for Christmas.

It was kind of funny seeing how Mike reacted to my family's Christmas. First of all you have to know that I have an effing huge family. Both my parents have three siblings. Both my grandmas are alive and kicking. I have lots of cousins and lots of those cousins have children. So Christmas Eve we go to my mom's mom's house to open gifts.

At Mike's house, for the gift opening, you go around and open gifts one at a time, so everybody can see what you got. That's not how we roll. We hand out the gifts and tear into them. It's basically a 15-minute free-for-all gift-opening frenzy. It's awesome, but Mike was overwhelmed.

Then Christmas morning, we hang out at home for a little while, exchanging gifts with my parents and sister. But then we head to my dad's mom's house for Christmas lunch. Another gift-opening frenzy ensues, and it's even nuttier because there are like 57 little kids there running around. More like four or five, but man they are all over the place. And they are especially apparent when they love Hannah Montana so much. But I digress.

Needless to say once we got home after that it was nice to just relax a bit. But that was short-lived because we had to drive back on the 26th for one of Mike's games (Mike is the assistant coach for the varsity girl's basketball team at his high school). Usually we have to leave early because of my games for work, but this year it was Mike's fault, ha!

My sister, Kelly, rode back to Birmingham with us to stay for a week. It was fun having her out here. Last time she was here, we forced her to help us move, so it wasn't very fun. But this time she had the guest room all set up nicely for her and everything. Plus we got a Wii for Christmas from my parents so we bowled our asses off and played tennis like nonstop. Seriously, my ass muscle was sore from bowling and I got tennis shoulder or something. It's really kind of sad.

Since then, we have just been working a lot. Basketball season is in full swing for both of us. Our women's team, at the school where I work, is kicking ass and taking names (15-3) and the men's team isn't doing too badly either. Mike's team... well, they are young, really young, that's all I will say. And he is having a good time learning how to coach. And they are good girls.

Last weekend I went to Texas with our women's team, to Austin and San Antonio. It was pretty fun, but colder than I thought. I was really sort of expecting like 70s but it was more like 30s and 40s. Also, while we were there, it freaking snowed in Birmingham. The first time it's snowed since I've lived here, and I missed it. I was so mad!

I saw the Alamo. It was smaller and not as impressive as I was expecting, but still interesting. I fought the urge to ask to see the basement. Please post a comment if you get that reference. None of the basketball players did. Damn young kids.

We still love our house. We are doing some minor kitchen upgrades at the moment. If you saw the old pictures, it was painted brown. Now it is a light creamy yellow, so pretty, so bright. And it seems a lot bigger, too. We also put up beadboard and are going to put up chair-rail moulding and crown moulding (is it molding or moulding?). It is going to look real nice when we are done. The best part is, Mike's teacher friend, Chip, is helping us out for free. He's the same guy who helped us paint all the rooms for free back before we moved in.

That's about everything, I think. We aren't having babies yet, so don't ask.