Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's back to the old grind for me... volleyball & women's soccer officially start up this weekend. Soccer is on the road but volleyball is hosting a mini tournament here on Saturday. I can't wait. This year is going to be better, though, because I got a raise! Unfortunately it was a result of my boss leaving, so now there are only two of us full-time in my department, but since we're going D3 after this year it means less work for us (if I'm still around after this year). Also since we're not fielding men's basketball or baseball teams this year that's a LOT less work for us (those are probably our two biggest/most popular sports). However we are adding indoor & outdoor track & field as well as women's lacrosse starting next year, as well as the monster that is football, so things should get pretty interesting come this spring.

Wedding stuff is going pretty well. We officially booked the ceremony & reception venues and we're about to book a deejay for the reception, so I think things are rolling along nicely, considering we're still 10 months out. We've also pretty much finalized the guest list (maybe a few more cuts), which was really painful for both of us. Well, at least for me it was. Our original list was massive - almost 200 people - which was unacceptabled considering we'd chosen our venues (and set our budget) with 75 guests in mind. So I adopted the mentality of "If I haven't spoken to you in person or on the phone since college, you don't make the cut." It sucks because that meant a good portion of my friends had to go, but oh well. My family is so huge that there will still be plenty of people there that I love. And from everything I've read, your weddings guests should be the people who are important in your life *now*, not five years ago. So that made me feel better. Plus we're going to have hometown receptions afterward which non-guests will be able to attend if they choose.

Other than work & wedding stuff there isn't much going on. Mike started back with his kids almost two weeks ago and it seems to be going pretty well for him. His schedule is MUCH better than last year, plus he has his own room this year, which is awesome. He also got a raise this year which means we're bringing in decent money as a household now. Too bad most of the extra will go to the wedding/honeymoon. I hope it's worth it. :)

The kitties still make me laugh every day. The other day I came home early and was just hanging out until Mike got home a couple hours later, which is when I realized I hadn't seen PJ at all since I'd gotten home. So we started looking for her, under the beds and whatnot, and I was starting to get worried because we couldn't find her. I was having visions of apartment maintenance coming in to fix something or spray for bugs and her darting out the door. That was until Mike opened his closet and she was in there. We have no idea how she got in there. Even if the door wasn't latched when we left, she would have had to pull it open, and then there would have had to been enough pressure for it to latch. It was funny because she ran straight to the litterbox when we let her out, and she hadn't used the bathroom in the closet which was good. I have no idea how long she was trapped in there but we came up with the theory that the other cat did it.

That's all for now. I wish it would cool down so our electric bill wouldn't keep going up every month. Stupid global warming.