Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mike already wrote about the Duke-Alabama football game on Saturday but I figured I'd mention it here. It was pretty bad. Well, not overall. First of all we had to park in a field and hike through a ditch to get to the sidewalk. That was fun. But the tailgating was cool. The food was pretty good and there was a TV with a satellite dish set up to watch other games that were on, and of course beer. Then we walked over to the stadium, which is pretty amazing. Our seats were in part of the new section and we had an awesome view. The people around us were nice, too, except for a punk kid behind us who was mad when Duke was winning and told us to shut up and "F*** Duke". Very original... maybe he's from Maryland? They love that phrase up there. Anyway, like Mike said, it was pretty painful to watch. At first I was really excited because I thought we might actually win. I mean, both teams were playing pretty badly, and Duke was actually up for a while, and then was only down by two until the fourth quarter. But after that they did some even more boneheaded stuff and Alabama took a bigger lead. Now I realize why I don't follow Duke football on a regular basis - it would drive me nuts.

We finally sent out the Save the Date magnets on Saturday, which is exciting because now it's like it's really going to happen. I'm going to have a husband. That is so weird. We finished up our gift registry at Bed Bath & Beyond on Sunday. Man, that was fun. I think we may also register at Pier 1 Imports but I'm not sure yet. We also decided not to do the whole fine china/crystal stemware thing after talking to several people who say they never use theirs. The pattern we picked out is really beautiful and I would love to have it but I don't think it is worth it. We picked out some nice everyday stuff that will be just as good and we can run it in the dishwasher.

I can't believe October is here and basketball season is approaching quickly. It seems like it was just summer, we just got engaged, I just had my birthday... but that was three months ago. On the bright side, I love fall. It was so nice at the game Saturday night to be able to put on a sweatshirt and be comfortable, even a bit chilly. And the holidays are probably my favorite time of year. We're going to carve a Jack-o-lantern this year, which I've never done before. My mom always bought pumpkins but we never carved them, they just sat out as pumpkins with corn stalks and Indian corn and stuff as a display. So this will be very exciting for me to do a real Jack-o-lantern. We're also planning on going to Richlands for Thanksgiving which is always a good time with all the food, and then going to Stockton for Christmas, then back to Richlands for my grandma's 90th birthday party. Fun times all around.