Saturday, December 30, 2006

It has been a long eight days.

Last Friday (Dec. 22), Mike and I drove 2.5 hours from Birmingham to Atlanta, where we took a flight to San Francisco, where Mike's mom & stepdad picked us up and drove us another 1.5 hours to Mike's hometown, Stockton, CA. That's where we stayed for a week, including my first-ever Christmas away from my parents. It was a lot better than I thought it would be, as far as feeling like I was missing something, because we had a really good time. Mike's mom cooked some great dishes that she got recipes on from my mom, and we had In 'n Out Burger, which I love. We also got some good presents, I found a wedding dress I really like, and we went to a minor league hockey game, which was really fun. We also drank Fat Tire beer, which is delicious, and especially good because we can't get it in our area of Alabama. I think it is a West Coast/Midwest thing.

After we spent a week in Stockton, visiting with Mike's family and friends, we flew back from San Francisco to Atlanta this past Thursday (Dec. 28). We drove 2.5 hours to Augusta Thursday night, and drove the remaining several hours to my hometown, Richlands, on Friday. We're driving back to Birmingham on Thursday so we're not quite done with all the traveling yet.

Today was my Grandma Catherine's 90th birthday party, which seemed to be the event of the season. I think about 150 people showed up in all. My grandma, and my late grandfather, are both very well-known in the area, and I think I already talked about my grandma in my first blog post, about how independent she is, still lives on her own, drives on her own, etc. Anyway, it was a great party, and gave Mike a good chance to get to know that side of my family. We also talked to my dad's uncle, who is a preacher, and he agreed to marry us! He married my parents back in August 1975 so I think it will be pretty special to have him there.

We also spent last night in my parents' new house. They aren't completely moved in yet, but there are two beds and a couch so me, Mike, and Kelly (my sister) stayed there. It's going to be really, really nice when everything is done. It's really beautiful.

That brings us to now, and as of right this minute we have made plans to take my other grandma out to lunch tomorrow at Smithfield's, which is an Eastern NC BBQ chain with outstanding barbeque. We always go at least once every time we come home to NC.

That's all for now... no plans yet for New Year's Eve but I was never really hip on going out for that anyway. Overall it has been a really great first holiday with Mike. :)

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jerreca said...

Happy New Year Sarah! Glad your grandma's 90th birthday celebration went so well. Hope you and Mike have a safe trip home next week and enjoy the cake tasting before you return. Can't wait to see your family's new home. I'm sure they are thrilled to have you and Mike there for awhile. We look forward to many holidays with the both of you in the future. Also, congrats on getting the preacher all lined up for the wedding. Love,